A Different Child

As some of you know, I have one child – not by choice. I wrote about my struggles to have a second child and my experience of recurrent miscarriage and secondary infertility in this article, which was published in a New Zealand magazine last year. I wanted to share my journey for selfish reasons – cathartic […]

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Recently I found out that a literary magazine (Takahē, published quarterly here in New Zealand) is keen to publish one of my short stories. In the same week, I learned that I am one of two runners-up in a writing competition I entered a couple of months ago. (I can’t tell you any more details as they […]

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Family Pass

This article was published in the December issue of NEXT Magazine here in New Zealand. Actually, let me qualify that. The published version was edited a bit, and given a title I didn’t particularly like. In general I was happy with the finished product and the editor was very respectful, going out of her way to let […]

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