That Bloody Woman: theatre review

That Bloody Womanby Luke Di Somma and Gregory CooperAuckland Music Theatre17th July 2021 You had me at Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck. That’s not strictly true: you had me from the moment the house lights went down, when the wickedly, gorgeously clad cast strode out and the men sat down, silent, as the women took the…

The Book Exchange

I’ve achieved some rather major literary goals this year, and last night I celebrated with two lovely women. There's me in the middle. (Those holes in my top are a design feature, not a result of drunken undressing in the dark. I wish.) On the right is Joanna, and to the left is Sara: the…

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

My fab friend Sara and I recently sat down and chatted about one of my favourite books ever: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova. Check out our conversation (and then check out the other posts on her cool blog). Thanks Sara (and Joanna)!

Joanna and Sara read books

the historian

Hi, Patricia.

– Hi!

Lucky you. You’re our guest reviewer!

– Yay! (laughing, while eating her tenth piece of apple scroll)

I know you love this book and you’ve been itching to review it since you learnt that Joanna and I review books.

– Where is Joanna?

She’s probably taking Claudia to netball.

– Okay. Shall I tell you about the book then? Shall I just talk a bit and you type?

Yep, that’s how Joanna and I do it.

– So first, I love anything about the esoteric, supernatural, gothic; anything to do with mystery and discovery. I also love reading debut novels because I find often that they are vital and raw in a way that sometimes a writer’s later novels are not. Do you know what I mean?

Um, not really. Explain.

– What I mean is that a writer’s first book is the one that’s…

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I've recently finished Stephen King's On Writing. I loved it. I originally downloaded it on my Kindle, but after finishing it I immediately ordered it online so I could have a hard copy to scribble over and highlight. I would like to share a few of those highlights with you. Firstly, a reality check: When…