Stage vs Page: or Why Not Both?

I’ve been thinking about artistic expression and validation: how I embrace the former and seek the latter. I’m a writer, but I’m also a musical theatre performer. This comes as a surprise to many people. Writing is such a solitary, introspective art, they say. How do you marry that with the intensely public display that […]

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The Singing Bellbird

Music has always informed my writing process. I’m a singer and have been involved in musical theatre for years, so it’s hardly a surprise that I try to make my words sing and my sentences lyrical and easy on the ear. It’s important to me that my writing not only reads well, but sounds beautiful. […]

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The Singing Scribe

I was on stage recently, belting out a parody of Bohemian Rhapsody with a group of fellow musical theatre-ites (fortunately it was a paid gig, which made it bearable), and it got me thinking about music and writing and the ways in which we humans express ourselves. I’m a trained singer and I’ve been involved in musical […]

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