A few months ago a very enterprising young woman called Jayde-Ashe (you can visit her lovely blog right here) had an idea. She wanted to establish a monthly online magazine of creative talent, showcasing stories, essays, poems, articles and photographs from contributors around the world.

So she did it. And I’m in Issue Four, which you can read here:


The Paperbook Collective is enjoying growing success. Jayde-Ashe is currently in Perth (Australia) showing it off at a Zine (Magazine to the uninitiated) Fair.

I wish her well. The world needs more people like her, who actually get off their arses and put ideas into action, achieving what most of us only talk and dream about. Her enthusiasm and initiative are inspiring, and I hope the magazine goes from strength to strength.

As for the short story I contributed to Issue Four (it’s on page seven):

This was one of my very early attempts at short story writing, and I think it shows. Some of you familiar with my writing will recognise some of the ideas and phrases – I lifted them from this story and used them in other, later (and better) attempts.

I cringe a little when I read this one. Still, I think it’s useful to look back and see where I started, and to realise that I have come quite a long way with my writing since then.

I am in the process of writing a new story this week. I’ll share it with you soon.