I’ve had a facelift!

Welcome to my refreshed website, with a giant photo of me on it. (I paid a professional for that photo shoot, so I’m jolly well going to plaster the results wherever I can.)

You’ll notice a few changes to navigation: the menu of categories, plus a few other features, are at the bottom of the page, and there’s a new menu at the top.

Adding a “News” page will make it easier for me to share events and developments leading up to the launch of my novel in February, and to signal significant moments in my writer journey.

You’ll also see a link to my business site, which has recently undergone renovation. If you need any proofreading/editing work done, have a look.

I’m still refining some aspects of this new design, so please bear with me. In the meantime, if you’ve signed up, you’ll still receive posts in your inbox as per usual. If you haven’t: now’s the time to pop to the bottom of the page, press “Follow”, and sign up to receive email updates. You can click through to my Twitter and Instagram accounts as well.

Keep reading, keep writing.

Patricia x


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new website

    1. Do you know, it was sooo easy. I did it in about two hours. Thank you! Love reading your posts.

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