1. Write a bad one.
  2. Fix it. (This step will take many months, and sometimes years.)
  3. Cry. (This will happen during points 1. and 2.)
  4. Finish it, to the best of your ability. Wallow in existential angst wondering if the best of your ability is enough.
  5. See point 3.
  6. Bravely send it to beta readers, then fix it some more.
  7. Get thoroughly sick of it – so sick of it, you just want it off your hands FOREVER.
  8. Send it to a publisher.
  9. Get published.
  10. Rejoice.
  11. Go to bed for a week.

I want to thank everyone who has made the launch of my debut novel this week such a success. My publisher Cloud Ink Press, my publicist Karen McMillan from Lighthouse PR, the New Zealand writing community, my friends and family – and you, my readers.

Because of you, I am rejoicing.

Then I’m off to bed.

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