Here is another poem inspired by my daughter. It’s amazing how an everyday task can spark a creative impulse. At first I tried to make the poem much longer, and sat for a number of hours trying to come up with more clever and intricate word plays and puns.

In the end, I just went with the few, simple words that came to me without any effort. Once we try to force creativity, the potency and heart can go out of our work. Sometimes less is more.


While pinning up my daughter’s paintings


I am up


you are down.

You’re the princess to my crown.


When I’m down,

you are up.

You’re my runneth-over cup.


You’re the perfect in my pitch.

You take the cross out of my stitch.


You’re the sunny antidote to my winter overcoat.


This kitchen wall will hold your art.

You, dear artist, hold my heart.


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